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This community is for the posting of an AU fic, taking place during season 2 of The Office (US), written by honey_wheeler, obsession_inc, kyrafic, and annakovsky. Each story will link with an episode or episodes, working in with established canon while hopefully providing an alternate reading of the text.

This fic is Jim/Pam, and is NC-17, or MA, so if you're under 18, skedaddle.

Only the authors can be members of the community, but if you'd like to see these posts on your flist, you can friend the community.

(1) Caution: Do Not Touch With Bare Skin ("Halloween," by honey_wheeler)
(2) Caution: Stand Back 50 Feet ("The Fight," by honey_wheeler)
(3) Caution: Do Not Leave Unattended ("The Client," by kyrafic)
(4) Caution: Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear ("Email Surveillance," by annakovsky)
(5) Caution: Reduce Speed During Unsafe Driving Conditions ("Christmas Party," by obsession_inc)
(6) Warning: Not To Be Used As A Lifesaving Device ("Booze Cruise," by kyrafic)
(7) Warning: Dangerous Undertow and Strong Currents ("The Secret"&"The Carpet," by annakovsky)
(8) Warning: May Cause Dizziness ("Boys and Girls"&"Valentine's Day," by honey_wheeler)
(9) Warning: Entanglement Hazard ("Dwight's Speech", "Take Your Daughter to Work Day", &"Michael's Birthday," by obsession_inc)
(10) Danger: Pavement Ends ("Drug Testing"&"Conflict Resolution," by kyrafic)
(11) Danger: High Voltage ("Casino Night" part 1, by honey_wheeler)
(12) Danger: Contents Under Pressure ("Casino Night" part 2, by honey_wheeler)

Total wordcount: 70,380.

Interests (12):

alternate universes, fanfiction, jim halpert, pam beesly, postmodernism, radical interpretations of the text, silence on booze cruises, spontaneous dental hydroplosion, taking back the night, the office (us), the poconos, they were doing it all along
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